The residents of both facilities have often experienced one or more of the following:
  • Emotional or Behavioral Disturbance
  • Grief and Trauma
  • Chaotic family lives including family violence, substance abuse and neglect
  • Educational lags due to learning problems or social deprivation
  • Poor social skills
Admission Criteria for Both Facilities: 
  • We accept referrals from TDFPS, JPD, and Private Sector 
  • Boys and Girls 5-18 for the GRO and Girls ages 8-18 for RTC 
  • Full scale IQ of 60 or above 
  • Determined by Youth For Tomorrow or other assessment to be Basic and Moderate Level for GRO or Moderate and Specialized Level of Care for RTC. 
  • Receipt of Common Application 
  • Full psychological exam within the last year 
  • Must NOT have demonstrated any of the following within the past six months:
  • Sexual Perpetration or Aggression
  • Suicide Attempt requiring medical attention
  • Serious psychotic episode
Referrals: TDFPS representatives wishing to place a child at ETOD must contact the Placement Coordinator for their region.

Probation Department representatives and parents/legal guardians may contact ETOD directly for placement. Admission requests should be made to the following:

Residential Treatment Center and
General Residential Operation

Laura Russell, LCCA

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